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Manudirect has developed its software for Computer Aided Laser Deposition (CALD) with user-centered features to allow the maximum freedom in the design of the process and in the work planning.

The graphic interface is constituted by three main environments for the simultaneous visualization of the digital twin of the object to be realized, together with slicing options and toolpath generated for the selected layer.

The user can import the 3D file of a part (in STL standard format) from any source connected to the machine server and then define a strategy for the layer-wise construction of the part itself; basing on the inputs received, the software will automatically generate a GCode program that will be executed by the machine for the production of the object.

The deposition parameters are stored in the internal libraries and can be assigned to the different parts of the object allowing to change deposition strategies within the same object.

The software allows to define a wide set of parameters for the deposition (e.g. laser power, scanning speed, feeding rate, etc.) and thanks to the zoomable optic also the laser spot size can be varied allowing for example to differentiate border from internal filling.

The progressive development of various strategies, intended as the combination of parameters and building plans, enables the operator to freely create an archive tailored solutions for specific materials and industrial application.

If this is not enough Manudirect software allows to code your own macro to be directly fed in the machine.