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MANUDIRECT Srl is a spin off of a success story of EC research project concluded in 2007.

MLD - Micro Laser Deposition Process

MLD – Micro Laser Deposition Process

The expertise developed by the international collaboration between European research institutes (as Laser Zentrum of Hannover and Universities of Cambridge) specialized developer companies (Delcam, FTP, Granta, Precitec) permitted the realization of the first Manudirect Machine under guidance of leading companies looking for new manufacturing solutions in their specific sectors: Siemens (appliances), Lima (biomedical), EADS and MTU (aerospace).

Since then, Manudirect team continuously developed new technical solutions, new processes and new material combinations to provide the manufacturing industry with an entirely new platform for manufacturing, characterized by high resolution, direct laser sintering using metals and ceramic-metal composites.

The developments on the Manudirect’s additive manufacturing machines aim to introduce laser metal deposition in industrial manufacturing standard practices unlocking the potential of advanced materials and 3D printing.