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From our experience in additive manufacturing we know that there is not a unique set of process parameters suitable for the whole piece. This is particularly true in micro-manufacturing where the cooling rate of the melting pool is strongly affected by the underlying sample geometry.


Manudirect introduce in its CALD software the possibility to define, within the sample to be manufactured, different zones to which append different set of process parameters. The zones are defined by the user as cluster of layers as they results from the slicing.


The combined strategies can be applied also within a single layer, by differentiating among layer border and internal part. The user can define the width to the border in which apply a set of process parameters that is different from the internal part, to combine for example an high precision manufacturing of the external part with a quick filling process of the internal one.


The combination of strategies is made possible by the complete control that Manudirect has on its hardware and software.