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The core of the Manudirect Micro Laser Deposition platforms is the sintering chamber, containing the laser optical head, the powder nozzle and the sensors. The powder feeders are hosted on the top chamber of the machine.

The system can be equipped up to three powder feeders that allow the machine to realize a part with six different materials, in a single production batch, or a part with 3 materials having two different powders sizes. The manufacturing system is supplied with an automatic and user friendly interface and is able to build the parts starting from a CAD file, defining the tool pathways on base of operators manufacturing choices.

The laser sintering process works in a controlled argon atmosphere and the powder load and unload operations can be done during the production, without interrupting the process activities. All the sintering process parameters as laser beam power and focalization area dimensions, sintering temperature, axles control, powder feeding, process speed, part temperature and sintering chamber atmosphere are controlled in real time. The entire manufacturing platform is based on five main technologies: The powder feeder, The powder nozzle, The laser optic, the Software and the powder systems.

Powder System


Laser Optic


Powder Feeder