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One of the unique characteristics of Manudirect’s MLD technologies is that multiple materials can be deposited at different parts of a single component with high precision. This capability is not yet exploited to develop a new class of optimally designed materials, i.e. functional graded materials. In other words, a material system can be co-designed among with the geometry of the part and fabricated on demand.


Manudirect’s MLD machines are equipped with multiple powder feeders and with a powder switch that allows to change on the flight from one feeder to the other. It is possible to utilize two or more powder grades, with same composition, jointly with different laser settings to combine high precision manufacturing (smaller particle, lower laser power, slow building rate) with high-throughput manufacturing (bigger particles, higher laser power, faster building rate). With similar approach functional graded composite can be manufactured.


Also combination of different materials are possible, by loading the feeders with different powders and switching from one to the other according with components requirements. The possibility to combine different powder feeders with layer deposition strategies gives you endless possibilities for putting your ideas into