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Manudirect developed a zoomable laser optic in collaboration with Optec srl. This optic answers to the need of a flexible process, able to deal with different powder particles ranges and different tasks as quick space filling (with the bigger laser spot size) and thin feature deposition (with small laser spot size).

Manudirect’s motorized optic allows to attain the desired resolution with smooth zooming of the laser spot to comply with the different user strategies even within the same component.

The optic can work also with more powerful lasers, according with the user needs the machine can be equipped with laser source up to 1kW.

Main Technical Data
Primary Laser Works with Lasers up to 1kW
Secondary Laser Red pointer for fine positioning
Maximum Focus Spot ø 150µm
Minimum Focus Spot ø 30µm
Focal point distance adjustment ± 4mm
Maintenance Sealed optic with interchangeable protective glass lids