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Manudirects nozzles are the results of several developments aimed to provide an affordable solutions, simple to be maintained and easily customizable.

In the current version is the coaxial multi-jet nozzle that streams the powder at 25° on respect to the laser from three jets equally distributed around the laser beam. The main characteristic difference to the coaxial nozzles is that the powder feed is lateral and is characterized by robustness, good powder utilization and excellent accessibility. 

More jet streams are possible, in order to fed more powder can simultaneously or independently of one other, or powder of very differing granulometry can be used for deposition strategies at different speed or precision.

The multi-jet nozzlefocalize the powder in a 600μm spot with an incidence to the laser of less than 25° for an optimal working distance.

Thanks to the low laser powder needed for micro-additive manufacturing, the nozzle do not need to be actively cooled, an argon gas stream provide the required shielding needed to save the laser optic from incandescent powders or smoke.

Thanks to the its design that allows a fast installation, the nozzle can be changed , if needed, to optimize the powder focusing for different particle sizes grades or deposition geometries.