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The AM processes are typically applied for the fabrication of prototypes made from low melting point polymers as dummy or mockups for communication or inspection. The ongoing natural development of AM techniques is to produce complex shaped functional metallic components that can not be easily produced by conventional methods to met the demanding requirements of biomedical, rapid tooling, aerospace and automotive industrial sectors. AM processes are already used to produce real parts, components and end-use products which have basic mechanical properties meeting the industrial requirements but it lacks on the availability of functional materials and in particular of composites and CerMets that could fully exploit the potential of this techniques allowing the deposition of functional materials just where it is needed.

The Manudirect MLD platform are designed to work with different powder grades and also irregular powders. The hardware features on powder feeding and nozzle have been specifically developed to allow the use of a wide range of powder grades and alloys. Moreover, in order to speed up the adoption and development of new materials, a material calibration process has been develop to quickly determine the deposition parameters specific for the powder.

Material calibration process has been already performed with several materials: Ti-Al-Nb alloy, AISI 420 , AISI 316L, Copper and Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt