MLD5 is a flexible Additive Manufacturing platform for Micro Laser Deposition of metals and cermets with high resolution and minimal substrate heating.

The platform is a combination of software and hardware innovations, which include:

-Deposition chamber in Ar atmosphere

-Loadlock chamber for fast-entry and auto-cleaning of parts

-Multi-powder feeding for irregular powders

-Zoomable laser optic to adjust in process the spot size and focal length

-Dedicated CALD software for complete control of process and machine parameters

The benefits that this new machine brings on respect to previous versions are a more compact overall shape, less Ar consumption thanks to the Loadlock chamber, more precise and accurate axis system, direct view on the deposition process, better monitoring of the process and more.

Main Technical Data
Building Envelope 50 x 50 x 50 mm (hwd)
Building Resolution Better than 50µm
Laser Beam Power 2-100 W (up to 1kW)
Laser Spot Size 30µm to 150 µm zoomable
Laser Wavelenght 1070 nm
Focal Depth 200µµ to 4mm
Working Distance 7 ±5 mm
Installed Powder Feeders 2
Typical Powder Particle Size 5-30µm , 25-45µm
MLD5 Size 2 x 1.2 x 0.8 (hwd)
CAD interface STL
CALD software version 3.4